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Conferences and the presentations will be either in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

As the event will be entirely remote, there will be no registration fee.




       The paper sessions are intended for presentations by professors, researchers, graduate students and also undergraduate students who are developing a scientific initiation project. 


Each participant can register only one paper for presentation, individually or in co-authorship.

All submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the event. The result of the evaluation will be sent to the authors via e-mail. A registered participant whose work is rejected will remain registered for the event in the “listener” category.

After the evaluation period, the Organizers will publish, on the event's website, the complete program, with day, time and remote access link to the presentation rooms.

Each 90 minutes paper session will include up to four presentations. Each participant will have 20 minutes for the presentation, with 10 minutes at the end of the session for debates.

Applications will be open from March 1st to May 1st, 2022.

See the registration and submission procedures here




Listeners will be able to follow all scheduled activities. The links to access the activities will be available in the final program to be published on the event's website.

Listeners interested in a certificate must apply through Google's own registration form, available below.

Applications will be open from March 1st to June 1st, 2022.

Access the registration form here:

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